Araksa Tea Garden

Araksa Tea Garden is located about 1.5 hours drive north from Chiang Mai. As such it is the most accessible tea plantation if you are staying in Chiang Mai city. It is quite different from the tea platations you see in Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son province: rather than growing high on a mountainside, Araksa Tea Garden grows in the micro-climate of a small valley and under the shade of trees.

The variety of tea grown here is called Assam, and the plantation is one of the first established in Thailand (1939). After decades of abandonment, the plantation was restored by new owners starting in 2014. Araksa Tea now operates chemical-free and upholds ideals of ecological and social responsibility.

Araksa Tea Garden Tour

The most popular way to experience Araksa Tea Garden is on their half-day tour which is available mornings and afternoons. Olsen Tours can arrange your visit as part of a private day tour from Chiang Mai, or as a return trip from your hotel using Araksa Tea's shuttle service. Either way, you will be guided through the plantation by an on-site expert to learn about growing tea and processing of the tea leaves. Of course, you will be invited to taste the tea!

If you choose to visit to Araksa Tea Garden on one of our private day tours, it is quite close to Elephant Rescue Park (no-riding sancturary). It is also not too far from Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens and other attractions in Mae Rim district.

For more information, see the official web site of Araksa Tea Garden: http://www.araksatea.com

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