Chiang Rai Accommodation

If you are travelling onwards to Chiang Rai, or taking a multi-day tour with us, here are our top picks for Chiang Rai accommodation:

Chiang Rai Night Bazaar

The night bazaar district in Chiang Rai is like a small version of the famous night markets in Chiang Mai. One of the main differences in Chiang Rai is that this is pretty much the only active part of the city for visitors in the evening apart from restaurants.

Apart from the markets themselves, this is a good place for casual dining and the nearby clock tower is illuminated with an hourly light show.

Chiang Rai Accommodation – Tips & Suggestions

At Olsen Tours, we have contracts with some Chiang Rai hotels, but not many. To get the best deals, we recommend you use online booking portals to find and compare deals for your particular dates. If you have a short-list of hotels we suggest you google the hotel’s own website to compare rates. Of course if you want us to phone the hotels directly and see what is on offer, we are always happy to help with that.

Before you finalize your hotel booking, we recommend that you contact us regarding your sightseeing or golfing needs and confirm that the availability of these options aligns with your accommodation dates. This is especially important if your hotel booking is not 100% refundable on cancellation.

Whether you book directly online or arrange accommodation through us, our guides are happy to inspect your room with you on check-in. If you have any concerns with your room, we are happy to resolve any problems with the hotel for you.