Doi Inthanon National Park

Visit the highest peak in Thailand! Doi Inthanon National Park is accessible as a day-tour from Chiang Mai.

Doi Inthanon National Park Summit

Doi Inthanon National Park Tours Peak

At 2,565 meters above sea level, the peak of Doi Inthanon is forested and covered in mist year-round. There is a short ring-track through the forest with a monument marking the summit. A nearby information center has posters explaining the flora and fauna that is found at this altitude and lower slopes.

Cloud Forest Boardwalk

Close to the summit is the Cloud Forest Boardwalk. This is only a short walk of a few hundred meters, but it lets you get a little further into the forest and experience the misty, moss-covered forest floor and high-altitude peat bog. 

Royal Pagodas

These twin Pagodas honor the King and Queen of Thailand, and are surrounded by spectacular gardens. While the summit does not have good views (due to constant mist and dense forest), at the pagodas you get a view through the next valley towards Mae Hong Son province.

Trekking to Mae Klang Luang (Karen Village)

For many visitors, this trek is the highlight of the day. A local Karen guide will lead you (mostly downhill) through forest and farmland to her village. The forest walk follows the course of the Klang river that supplies the village and farms with water. Between the rice fields you will see hillsides full of irrigated strawberries, and close to the village you will walk past coffee plantations.

If you would like to take a quick swim, there is a good swimming location just below the waterfall. This is not possible after heavy rain - your local guide will advise if swimming is safe. If you plan to swim, we suggest you bring a small towel to make the 2nd half of the walk more comfortable.

The walk takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours, When you reach Mae Klang Luang village at the end, you can sample some of the local coffee that is roasted and ground on site.

Wachiratarn Waterfall

Doi Inthanon National Park Tours Wachirathan Waterfall

Wachirathan Waterfall is one of several scenic waterfalls within the park. It is one of the most spectacular waterfalls and is easily accessible. Swimming is not permitted at this waterfall - for safety, aesthetic & environmental reasons, but you will get some great photos.


Royal Project

Doi Inthanon National Park Tours Doi Inthanon Royal Project

The Doi Inthanon Royal Project is located near the Hmong village of Khun Klang within the National Park.

This is a royal sponsored project to improve agri-technology and market local Karen and Hmong produce.

Doi Inthanon National Park - Typical Itinerary

  • Pickup from Hotel at 8am
  • Drive south to Doi Inthanon National park.
  • Trekking with local Karen guide, 2 hours easy walk (mostly downhill) through forest and past waterfalls and Karen farmland (rice, strawberrries, coffee). Finish trek at the Karen village where you can sample locally grown and freshly roasted arabica coffee.
  • For lunch there is an option of a set menu where most tour groups stop, or there is an a-la-carte restaurant at the royal project.
    After lunch, go to the mountain summit - highest point in Thailand. Visit the Cloud Forest boardwalk near the summit.
  • Visit royal pagodas and gardens
  • On the way back down the mountain, visit Wachirathan waterfall.
  • Return to hotel at 6pm

For more information, see the Doi Inthanon National Park official website.

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