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Whether you are travelling with a group of friends, or simply want to maximize your enjoyment without worrying about logistics, our comprehensive Northern Thailand tour service is just the thing.

The following articles provide information on the various places that visitors like to explore in Northern Thailand. Each destination requires at least 1 night stay outside of Chiang Mai. We will work with you to develop custom itinerary based on your time limits and your preferred sights and activities.

Northern Thailand Destinations

Chiang Rai is the most popular inter-province tour destination from Chiang Mai. We can take you to the main attractions such as the Golden Triangle and White temple, but we can also take you 'off the beaten path'.

Pai is an increasingly popular destination in Mae Hong Son province. Despite a recent boom in boutique hotels and restaurants, Pai still maintains a small-town charm.

Mae Hong Son is a mountainous border province of outstanding natural and cultural beauty. Travel deeper into the province past Pai  and you can experience some truly remote cultures and landscapes.

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