Chiang Mai Tailors

Chiang Mai is a good place to have new clothes tailored, but choosing the right tailor is important. How do you find the right tailor and avoid wasting time or money?

Chiang Mai Tailors

The following question about finding a reputable tailor in Chiang Mai was received by email.

How do I find a good tailor in Chiang Mai?

I am looking for your advice, I would like to buy a tailor-made suit. Is it possible to get good quality in Chiang Mai at a reasonable price? I am thinking about buying a suit with two vests (dark and light) for special occasions (weddings, concerts), maybe also a nice shirts with cuff-links. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions? If yes, what kind of material I can get and at what price? Is there any link references to Chiang Mai tailors?


As you can see on tripadvisor etc. a lot of the local tailors have negative reviews from when tuk-tuk drivers bring people there with untrue stories and undisclosed commissions. This is unfortunate, as there are indeed some good tailors in Chiang Mai.

Viengping Collection is well-known and make good suits.

Tailor Me is the place where your friend got his shirts last time. The owner is a former employee of Viengping – if you want to check their material we can make an appointment to talk to the owner.

Best Fashion is another tailor close to your hotel – I took some English customers there recently and they were happy with the results.

I recommend we go to one or more of these tailors on the day you arrive and see what they have to offer. Prices start from 7,000 baht for a basic suit.