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Here we have collected many of our favorite Chiang Mai tours, attractions and activities. We are happy to customize any of these tours for you, or even take you to tour attractions that are not listed here.

Staying in Chiang Mai  for a few days? Tell us your preferred sightseeing options and we can build a complete Chiang Mai tour package with your custom itinerary.

'Must See' Chiang Mai Tours

If you only have time to visit one attraction in Chiang Mai, we strongly recommend the stunning Doi Suthep temple on the mountain overlooking the Chiang Mai / Lamphun valley.

We also operate a private tour of Chiang Mai city and its temples, which is a great way to get oriented in Chiang Mai as well as visiting some of the most popular sights

If you are arriving in Chiang Mai early, we can pick you up directly from the airport and go on either of these tours while you are waiting for check-in availability at your hotel.

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More Chiang Mai Day Tours

Once you have checked off the 'must see' sights, there are a number of tour options for you to get to know Chiang Mai even better.

One of the best introductions to Nothern Thai culture is to spend an evening at a Khantoke Dinner. This a great way to experience the uniqueness of local culture through food, dance and music.

To escape the busy city streets and see the city from another side, consider taking a Mae Ping River Cruise and calmly journey upriver through the heart of the city.

Whether you need to buy souvenirs or simply enjoy browsing markets, Chiang Mai has been a hub for crafted wares for centuries. Some of the specialties include cotton, silverware, ceramics, sapphires, silk, umbrella making, and wood carving. Baan Tawai is a traditional woodcarving village in the southern districts of Chiang Mai, with many skilled craftsmen & fascinating showrooms.

Chiang Mai Animal Encounters

Most visitors to Chiang Mai are eager to see our famous Asian Elephants, and we have many camps to choose from. Our conprehensive guide to Chiang Mai Elephant Camps will help you decide which one is best for you.

If you are travelling with young children, Chiang Mai Night Safari is a wildly popular experience for children and older animal enthusiasts alike.

Feeling brave? At Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai, you can get into the cage with a tiger!

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Chiang Mai Horticulture & Nature Tours

The highest peak in Thailand is accessible from Chiang Mai, in Doi Inthanon National Park. On a day trip to the national park you will experience the changing natural vegetation and crops at different altitudes. There is also a European-style garden at the Royal pagodas.

The Royal Flora Ratchaphruek gardens are closer to the city and great for a relaxed morning stroll. These gardens were originally developed for an international horticulture exposition.

The Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens are situated in the scenic mountain forests of Mae Rim. The gardens feature impressive botanical diversity. Travelling further up the mountain from the botani gardens, you can reach Doi Mon Jam - site of the Mong Nong Hoi village, and the Nong Hoi Royal Project.

Chiang Mai Adventure Tours & Sports

ATVs, paintball, ziplines, bungy, water parks, white-water rafting - in Chiang Mai we have it all. We partner with safe and reputable operators and conduct periodic inspections of their facilities.With many imitators, Flight of the Gibbon is the original & best zipline operator in Chiang Mai.

Fancy a round or 2 of golf? See out Chiang Mai golf course guide - we cater for both beginners and experienced golfers.

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5 Great Days - A Recommended Itinerary

Day 1 - Doi Suthep & City Tour

Start off with a relaxed day & recover from your flight. Check off the 'must see' attractions of Doi Suthep temple & the historic sights of the Old City. Leave some time for shopping, a river cruise or explore the night Bazaar.

Day 2 - Elephant Sanctuary

Spend a day with a small herd of elephants. Feed, exercise and bathe with them. We strongly recommend a 'no-riding' elephant sanctuary for the happiest elephants. In the evening, try one of our famous Khantoke Dinner shows.

Day 3 - Doi Inthanon

Visit Doi Inthanon National Park, home to Thailand's highest peak. Take a short Trek through the forest with a Karen guide to her village and taste some local coffee. If you still have energy left, stop off at Baan Tawai wood-carving village on the way back.

Day 4 - Cooking School

Start your day with a tour of a local market and purchase herbs for cooking. Travel out of the city to the cooking school and learn to cook (and eat) some of the Thai classics. Leave some free time in the late afternoon to explore the city by foot.

Day 5 - Farewell to Chiang Mai

Check out from your hotel and ask your guide to take you last-minute shopping and back to your favourite lunch location. If you have a bit more time before your flight, squeeze in some light sightseeing.

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Chiang Mai Tours - the Olsen Tours Advantage

We are a full-service tour operator, specializing in Chiang Mai private tours. We customize every tour - even for a half day tour we are fexible with start/end times and the exact tour itinerary. Your tour guide is a mobile concierge and can help with dinner reservations, finding reasonably priced laundry services, reputable tailors and whatever else you may need.

Whether you are looking for a Chiang Mai day tour, or have interest in a comprehensive Chiang Mai tour package, we would love to hear from you.

General Information about Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai was established as the capital of an independent kingdom over 700 years ago. Today, as a province of modern-day Thailand, it is well serviced with modern convenience but retains a relaxed atmosphere and palpable cultural richness. As you move further from the city you can experience undisturbed & traditional rural communities. We welcome all visitors to Chiang Mai, and invite you to experience the best of our region in the comfort and convenience of a private tour.

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