Pai Highlights [2D1N]

Our Pai Highlights itinerary is the shortest tour route that allows you to experience Mae Hong Son in comfort. With one night based in the town of Pai, you have enough time to experience the town itself and the nearby attractions.

Spend your evening in Pai walking around the vibrant night market and try one of the many local restaurants.

Pai Highlights [2D1N Private Tour]

2 pax = ฿6,700 per person = ฿13,400 total

3 pax = ฿5,000 per person = ฿15,000 total

4 pax = ฿4,600 per person = ฿18,400 total

5+ pax = ฿4,000 per person

7+ pax = ฿3,300 per person

(lunch is included each day, but other meals & accommodation not included).

This is a two day private tour with your own licensed, English-speaking guide and transport.

Day 1 – Chiang Mai to Pai

Day 2 – Pai to Chiang Mai

Day 1 – Chiang Mai to Pai

Optional activities

Bai Orchid & Butterfly Farm

Bai Orchid & Butterfly Farm is located in Mae Rim district, Chiang Mai. Near many other popular attractions, it is a must-see for orchid enthusiasts and worth a look for everyone else!. There are two …

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Mok Fa Waterfall

Mok Fa Waterfall is located about 1.5 hours drive north from Chiang Mai. This scenic waterfall is accessed via a short walk through shaded forest. The waterfall is located just to the east of the …

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Araksa Tea Garden

Araksa Tea Garden is located about 1.5 hours drive north from Chiang Mai. As such it is the most accessible tea plantation if you are staying in Chiang Mai city. It is quite different from …

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Smart Elephants Family

Smart Elephants Family is a family-run elephant camp to the north of Chiang Mai in Mae Taeng district. This elephant sanctuary is open to small groups of visitors who may interact with the elephants ethically. …

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Pai Memorial Bridge

Pai Memorial Bridge is located south of Pai, on the main highway as you approach from Chiang Mai. The bridge was constructed in WWII as part of the Japanese push into Burma. The steel sections …

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Mae Yen Temple

Mae Yen Temple (Wat Phra That Mae Yen) Wat Phra That Mae Yen (also known as Chedi Phra That Mae Yen) is a temple west of Pai. Best known for a large white Buddha statue …

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Pai is an ever-popular destination in Mae Hong Son province, yet it still retains a small-town charm. Pai is the most accessible town in Mae Hong Son province from Chiang Mai and has many great …

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Suggested Hotels

Pai Village Boutique

4-star value in the center of town

The Quarter

4-star relaxation in a quieter part of town

Reverie Siam Resort

5-star comfort with shuttle transport to night markets

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Day 2 – Pai to Chiang Mai

Yun Lai Viewpoint

On the hill behind Santichon Village is a great viewpoint where you can look east across the valley. The Pai river winds through the valley past soybean, rice, lychee and many other crops. In Winter, …

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Santichon Village

Santichon Village: Yunnanese Cultural Center Santichon is a district west of Pai, and for visitors the name is synonymous with the showcase Yunnanese Cultural Center. Santichon Village is quite picturesque, well worth a photo stop …

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Sai Ngam Hot Spring

Sai Ngam Hot Spring is located north of Pai and is a popular bathing location for locals and visitors alike. Within the protection of a national park, Sai Ngam Hot Spring is accessible via a …

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Pai Canyon

Pai Canyon is just outside the town of Pai, beside the main road outside town as you approach from Chiang Mai. Best viewed in morning or evening light, you can get a great view after …

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