Tham Lod Cave

Tham Lod is a cave system located between Pai and Mae Hong Son City. It is a popular stop as it breaks up the journey on the winding mountain road.

Mae Hong Son - Tham Lod Cave

Exploring Tham Lod Cave

There is currently no national park entry fee, but to enter the cave itself we need to pay a fee for a local guide service. As part of this service, the guide brings along a kerosene lamp and takes you into the cave on a bamboo raft.

Bamboo rafting in the near darkness is an interesting sensation. Once into the true dark of the cave, you step off the bamboo raft and admire the cave formations by lamp-light.

Fish food is available for sale at the park office, and is the surest way to see the cave fish up close.

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Tham Lod Cave

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