Mae Hong Son Province

Mae Hong Son is a mountainous border province of outstanding natural and cultural beauty. It is nestled in between Chiang Mai Province and Myanmar (Burma). Like Chiang Mai and many other provinces of Thailand, the capital city of the province is also called Mae Hong Son.

Mae Hong Son Loop Map

Pai & Surrounds

Pai is the most accessible location in Mae Hong Son for travelers starting in Chiang Mai. As such, Pai is considered the gateway to Mae Hong Son province and is an excellent base for exploration.

Pai Canyon

Yun Lai Viewpoint

Santichon Village

Mae Yen Temple

Sai Ngam Hot Spring

Pai Memorial Bridge

Map of Pai District

Mae Hong Son City

The capital ‘city’ of Mae Hong Son is really a large town is convenient for its range of accommodation options, restaurants, and central location for exploring a number of nearby attractions.

Map of Mae Hong City and surrounding districts

Attractions in and around Mae Hong Son City include:

  • Wat Doi Kongmu – an elevated temple in the city with good local views
  • Huay Pu Keng – ‘Long Neck’ village accessible by boat
  • Ban Huai Seua Thao – Another ‘Long Neck’ alternative that has an all-weather access road, and is a quicker stop than Huay Pu Keng if you have limited time.
  • Su Tong Pae – A lengthy Bamboo bridge that spans rice fields and waterways between twin villages.

Mae Hong Son City

Su Tong Pae Bamboo Bridge

Doi Kong Mu Temple

Ban Huai Sua Tao Village

Huay Pu Keng Village

Peanut Factory

Phu Klon Mud Spa

North-Western Mae Hong Son

The most popular location in the far north of the province is Ban Rak Thai. Thus is a picturesque village build around a lake. The local people grow tea and celebrate their Yunnanese heritage. Other attractions in this area include Pang Oung lake / “Tomato” village, and Pha Suea Waterfall.

Ban Rak Thai

Pang Oung Lake

Tomato Village

Pha Suea Waterfall

Pang Mapha District

There are a number of attractions along the routes between Pai, Mae Hong City and Ban Rak Thai. If you are traveling in this part of the province, you should consider the following attractions.

Ban Jabo Village

Doi Kiew Lom Viewpoint

Tham Pla Fish Cave

Tham Lod Cave

Norhern Mae Hong Son Map

Multi-day Itineraries for Mae Hong Son

General Information about Mae Hong Son

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