Pang Oung Lake

Pang Oung is a scenic park in the north-west of Mae Hong Son Province

Pang Oung Lake

Pang Oung Lake

The lake is a perfect place to stretch your legs and take some photos. The lake is often shrouded in mist during the morning, especially during the Winter months from November to January. If you have the time and energy, you can charter a bamboo raft.

You can also take a longer walk around the camping grounds to the north-west part of the lake. National Park fees apply to this section, and it is closed to visitors during the wet season.

There are camping spaces available as part of the National Park service, but most international visitors choose to stay at Ban Rak Thai which is only 20 minutes away.

Shops at Pang Oung

There is a small village that stretches along the main road leading to the lake. This is a fun place to have lunch, and take in the local atmosphere, but is highly seasonal. At the extremes it is almost deserted in the rainy season, and will be a hive of activity in Winter with restaurants, cafes, and basic guest houses all runnning in the peak season.

Accommodation in Pang Oung


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