Ban Rak Thai

Ban Rak Thai is a remote village in Mae Hong Son Province, right next to the Myanmar border. This yet another of the several Yunnanese towns to be found in Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son. The villagers are descendants of KMT soldiers from China, now living in peace in a beautiful corner of the world.

Places to Stay in Ban Rak Thai

The iconic photos of Ban Rak Thai showing bungalows surrounded by tea fields are of Lee Wine Rak Thai Resort. Next door is the more simple Chasa Resort which also has very good views and is a little closer to the lake. Both resorts have restaurants where you can sample some Yunnanese specialties.

There are a few small guesthouses dotted around the lake as well. Some of these places have online listings, so feel free to check prices but we suggest you let us help you finalize arrangements (or phone them to reconfirm if you wish to make an direct booking).

Tour Itineraries for Ban Rak Thai

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