Chasa Rakthai Resort

Chasa Rakthai Resort is located right next to Lee Wine Ruk Thai Resort. Chasa does not book as fast as Lee Wine because it lacks the tea-surrounded bungalows of its neighbor, you still have the same great lake views.

Chasa Rakthai Resort has a ‘Great Wall’ replica offering good views of the town and lake. There are also some elevated metal walkways at the rear of the property that allow for good views of the neighboring tea plantation in addition to the lake.

Ban Rak Thai - Lake

At the very back of the property, there is a stunning viewpoint overlooking the resort, the town, and the lake. The sun will set at you back, so best light for photography starts from around 1 hour before the sun sinks behind the hill.

The restaurant is roadside at the bottom of the property, but elevated from street level, so you get good views. The resturant serves the local and Yunnanese standards and is also the location of the breakfast buffet.

Yunnanese Food in Ban Rak Thai

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