Santichon Village: Yunnanese Cultural Center

Santichon is a district west of Pai, and for visitors the name is synonymous with the showcase Yunnanese Cultural Center.

Santichon Chinese Village - Great Wall

Santichon Village is quite picturesque, well worth a photo stop and a stroll on the ‘great wall of China’ replica. If you are travelling with children you can also spend some time at the archery range or pony rides.

There is a Yunnanese restaurant on site, and gift shops with tea leaves and dries fruit for sale.

On top of the “Great Wall” there are some good views of Pai, and over the back you can see the real Yunnanese village where the people actually live and farm. For an even better view, head up to nearby Yun Lai Viewpoint.

Other Attractions in Pai

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Santichon Village

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