Pai Memorial Bridge

Pai Memorial Bridge is located south of Pai, on the main highway as you approach from Chiang Mai. The bridge was constructed in WWII as part of the Japanese push into Burma.

Pai Memorial Bridge

The steel sections of this bridge were actually taken from the Nawarat Bridge from Chiang Mai. The Nawarat Bridge is the main bridge across the Ping River in Chiang Mai (today a modern multi-lane concrete bridge). If you have seen the Iron Bridge in Chiang Mai (actually a replica of the original Nawarat bridge), then this bridge in Pai will look very familiar.

Pai Memorial Bridge

The bridge provides a good opportunity to take a break from the road and stroll across the Pai river.

There are several plaques and a photo gallery to fill you in on the history of the bridge.

On the northern river bank there is some interesting sculpture, and on the other side of the bridge there are snacks and ethnic fashion items for sale.

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Pai Memorial Bridge

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