House of Opium Museum

The House of Opium is the most popular opium museum at the Golden Triangle, in northern Chiang Rai. Completely renovated in early 2022, this mainstay of golden triangle day tours is more compelling than ever.

Golden Triangle - 101 House of Opium Museum

The museum always had an impressive collection of artefacts, but the opium pipes and weights are now well-organized and displayed in well-lit cabinets.

Replica of opium village at House of Opium museum

The House of Opium excels in explaining the history of local opium cultivations in an accessible format. While not as comprehensive as the Hall of Opium, the House of Opium presents the information in a less academic and more succinct manner – ideal for travelers with other activities planned for the day!

When you have had your fill of reading and looking at the artefacts, take a moment to enjoy the mannequins, replica village, and diorama displays.

Golden Triangle diorama at House of Opium museum

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