Hall of Opium Museum

The Hall of Opium is the premier opium museum at the Golden Triangle, in northern Chiang Rai. Under royal patronage, little expense has been spared with this impressive exposition of the history of opium.

You will learn of the ancient history of humanity’s relationship with opium, the colonialism and global trade context of the opium wars, and the human impact of war, opium production and consumption.

The amount of detail explained surrounding the opium wars is impressive, as too are the stories around the golden triangle.

Other Attractions in the Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle Tours

We do not operate private day tours of the Golden Triangle because of the distance & time involved. There is a group tour that runs every day, if you are happy to cope with the travel required.

If you would like to take a multi-day private tour with us, you will have more time to enjoy the sights. Using Chiang Rai city as your accommodation base, there are additional attractions you can include in your itinerary.