Ban Cha Cho (Lahu Village)

Ban Cha Cho is a village located 30 minutes west from Chiang Rai city. The Lahu people who live here farm the surrounding hillsides and valley. The village is perched on a steep slope and includes a small church and an adult education center supported by a local university.

You will see pineapple, lychee and rubber plantation interspersed with banana plants and vegetable crops. Within the village, many chickens, dogs and children play in the roads while the older generations quietly cook, tend to their gardens and watch the world go past.

At the end of the trek, you will see the welcome sight of Bamboo Bungalows waiting for you at Bamboo Nest de Chiang Rai.

Bamboo Nest Itineraries

We have a standard three day / 2 night our itinerary for Chiang Rai including Bamboo Nest, but we are always happy to provide a custom itinerary for you.