Chiang Mai Elephant Camps

This is our complete guide to visiting Chiang Mai Elephant Camps. There are many Elephant Camps accessible from Chiang Mai as a half day or full day tour. There are a range of experiences available:

  1. Elephant Sanctuaries (no riding). These facilities choose not to train their elephants to carry people and focus on other interactive experiences.
  2. Elephant Care Programs (bareback riding). Learn how to feed and wash elephants and ride bareback.
  3. Elephant Rides (basket rides). The elephants carry 2 people in wooden seating on their back
  4. Elephant Safaris (basket rides). A combination program including elephant show, elephant riding, and other activities such as ox-cart rides and bamboo rafting.

Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuaries (no riding)

We encourage you to choose a camp where the elephants are not trained to carry people. This is ideal for the long-term physical and mental health of the elephants.

As an increasing number of visitors choose not to ride, the incentive is decreased for training young elephants to carry people and perform tricks for human amusement. We recommend Elephant EcoValley where you can feed, bathe and play with the elephants.

Elephant EcoValley

Elephant EcoValley is our recommended elephant experience in Chiang Mai. A stricty no-riding sanctuary, Elephant EcoValley takes extremely good care of their animals, and visitors can feel the resulting happiness and good-natured behavior of the …

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Smart Elephants Family

Smart Elephants Family is a family-run elephant camp to the north of Chiang Mai in Mae Taeng district. This elephant sanctuary is open to small groups of visitors who may interact with the elephants ethically. …

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Elephant Rescue Park

Elephant Rescue Park Chiang Mai is a family-run elephant camp. It is a genuine sanctuary for rescued elephants. They currently have 9 elephants in their herd, with many of them rescued from circus/zoo environments. Elephant …

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Chiang Mai Elephant Care Programs (bareback riding)

If you really want to ride an elephant, then we recommend bareback riding as it is better for the long term health of the elephants than wooden basket rides. Elephant Care Programs give you the opportunity to feed, ride bareback, bathe and play with the elephants. We use several small family-operated elephant camps in idyllic country settings.

Patara Elephant Farm offers both bareback riding and no-riding elephant care programs.

Patara Elephant Farm

Patara Elephant Farm is located west of Chiang Mai city within the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park. Access to this part of the national park is via the southern suburbs of Chiang Mai, which makes this …

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Chiang Mai Elephant Safaris

An elephant safari program included multiple activities including elephant show, elephant riding, and other activities such as ox-cart rides and bamboo rafting.

Maetaeng Elephant Park

Maetaeng Elephant Park is situated in scenic Mae Taeng valley north of Chiang Mai. It is popular as a one-stop attraction for elephant shows, elephant rides, ox-cart rides, and bamboo rafting. If that is not …

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