Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai

Your Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai will be an unforgettable evening of tradional Northern Thai food, dance and music. This is a serious exposition of Northern Thai culture with attention to authentic music, dance and costumes - popular with both Thai and foreign visitors.

You have the option of sitting on the floor (with comfortable cushions), or sitting at a low table with excavated leg room. The floor seating is closest to the performances.

Khantoke Dinner Performances

The performances are provided by local fine arts students. You will gain some insight into the range of cutures within Northen Thailand and also the external influences from southern China and Myanmar. The exact performances will vary based on the cast of performers, but a typical set would be as follows:

The Kingkala - A dance from Mae Hong Son province based on animal mythology.
War Drum Dance - a motivational performance for soldiers in less peaceful periods of history
Dararatsamee Princess - dance honoring Lanna royalty
Khone "Hanuman chases Nang Suphunamucha" Episode - Dramatic performance of an exerpt from Ramakian, the greatest Thai literary work, influenced by the Indian literary work “Ramayana”.
Sword Dance - a difficult dance requiring specialist training
Nattayaranasiam - Thai martial arts.
Sueng Ka-pho - 'Coconut Dance' from North-Eastern Thailand.
Ram Wong - a traditional dance from Central Thailand

Khantoke Dinner - Dishes Served

Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai - FoodThe Khantoke is the small round table that Northern Thai people traditionally dine from. You will be served small bowls (free refills) with all the most popular Northern Thai specialties.

Halal and Vegetarian options are also available, just let us know when you book.

  • Fried Banana
  • Clear Broth
  • Slow-cooked pork with Ginger & Tamarind Sauce
  • Fried Chicken
  • Grilled Young Chili Paste (Nam Prik Noom) with Steamed Vegetables
  • Minced Pork in Tomato Sauce (Nam Prik Ong)
  • Crispy Pork Skin (Cab Moo)
  • Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables
  • Crispy Rice Noodles
  • Sticky Rice or Steamed Rice
  • Seasonal Fresh Fruit
  • Tea or Coffee

Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai

For more information refer to the Khum KhantokeKhum Khantoke official web site.

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