Khao Kho (Phetchabun)

Khao Kho is a picturesque destination in Phetchabun province (north-eastern Thailand). It is become a popular getaway for Thai people in recent years, and offers the chance for international visitors an experience away from the classic tour routes.

Attractions in Khao Kho

Wat Pha Sorn Kaew

Khao Kho Wind Farm

Blue Sky Garden

Tak Moh Coffee & Long Thiem Restaurant

Where to stay in Khao Kho?

Blue Sky Resort Khao Kho

The Blue Sky Resort Khao Kho is the iconic accommodation property in this district. The manicured English gardens, elegant European architecture, and the medieval fantasy elements are front of mind when people think of Khao …

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Tour Itineraries for Khao Kho