Don Sao Island

Don Sao Island is located within the Golden Triangle, on the Laos side of the Mekong River. Little more than a market, it is possible to visit from Thailand without a visa or any entry/exit formalities.

The market itself is regularly rated as underwhelming, but you have the novelty of saying you have been to Laos, and the boat ride on the Mekong river is enjoyable.

We don’t recommend ingesting any of the pickled wildlife. Likewise we can’t vouch for the alcohol or tabacco. Enjoy the spectacle and retreat to Thailand for markets with better consumer protections in place!

Your passport is held in safekeeping by the boat company, so make sure you collect it before returning to Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai.

Other Attractions in the Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle Tours

We do not operate private day tours of the Golden Triangle because of the distance & time involved. There is a group tour that runs every day, if you are happy to cope with the travel required.

If you would like to take a multi-day private tour with us, you will have more time to enjoy the sights. Using Chiang Rai city as your accommodation base, there are additional attractions you can include in your itinerary.