Hinoki Land

Hinoki Land is a Japanese themed landscape and building compound in the remote northern Chiang Mai district of Chai Prakan. The site is dominated by a 4 level wooden building.

Hinoki Land
Hinoki Land Chiang Mai

The main building is visually striking and makes for some nice photos. Newly opened, Hinoki Land will only increase in beauty as the gardens mature.

Hinoki Land is named after the Hinoki Cypress, also known as the Japanese Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtuas). As you might guess, this wood has been used for construction at Hinoki Land. The pine is also the basis of the owner’s wood product manufacturing and cosmetics business.

For Thai visitors, the main attraction here is renting traditional Japanese clothing and posing for photos. Currently there are no restaurants on site, but they have same wood products for sale (if you would like to bu a bed!), and also some handmade quilts and blankets.

Just a little further up the road in the town of Chai Prakan itself, we have sometimes stayed at these rice-field apartments:

Hinoki Land Tours

Hinoki Land is one of several itinerary inclusion options when passing through the far north of Chiang Mai Province.

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For more information about the branded handicraft and cosmetics business associated with Hinoki Land, see their website: https://bannmaihomhinoki.com/?lang=en

Hinoki Land – Nearby Attractions

There are several other points of interest in the far north of Chiang Mai.

Hinoki Land

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