Leesoaw Macadamia

Leesoaw Macadamia is located in the Doi Chang district of Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand. This operation includes macadamia plantations, nut processing, value-add processing and on-site sales.

Leesoaw macadamia processing plant, Doi Chang

Leesoaw is what the local people call themselves in their own language. Lisu is more commonly used in English (Lisu is the Thai name for these people).

fresh macadamia nuts in Doi Chang

Indigenous to Australia, the macadamia trees were first introduced in Doi Chang in the late 1970s.

This crop has grown in significance for the local economy and provides welcome diversification to the dominant arabica coffee plantations.

In addition to roasted macadamia nuts, Leesoaw Macadamia produces nut milk, skin lotion, shampoo and other value-add products.

Olsen Tours includes Leesoaw Macadamia as a regular stop on our standard itineraries. There is a cafe on site with views over the macadamia trees and accessing the site gives you an opportunity to see the village of Doi Chang up close.

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For more information about the products, refer to the Leesoaw Macadamia website.